Lords of the Baile

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As someone who’s spent most of the past decade shut away in a home office working odd hours to meet deadlines, I have to admit my only real experience of the traditional Portuguese popular music played at summer festivals is from TV or heard from a distant festa.

However, transforming my passion for photography into a new business line has given me the opportunity to get out there and see the world again. And this year, I got to see Os Lords perform live at the local Festa de Salir do Porto!

They were a pleasure to watch and to photograph. Timing the shots with the rapidly changing lights to the upbeat music was a challenge, but I came away with some great moments captured.

They’re fun, they’re talented, and they put on a real performance!

Featured: Os Lords – a traditional popular music group from Peniche

Text and images by: Ben Lamy | Photographer & Translator

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