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Combining close to a decade of translation experience with the creative eye of a photographer

Having established Lamy Translations, now bgltranslations, in 2010 while living in France and later moving to Portugal, I have been able to build a successful career as a translator from French, Portuguese and Spanish to English. Fresh out of university with a degree focusing on language, linguistics and translation, and having spent a year in Paris immersed in more cultures than I can count, my business was born from a passion for communication that bridges the gap between businesses and their international customers.

Turning my creative eye to photography initially as a hobby, it soon became an addiction and a skill, leading to the creation of bglvisuals. I quickly identified a need among clients looking to market and advertise their products and services: a single source for beautiful images to accompany their professionally translated websites and brochures.

Enter: bglcreative. From traditional translation and photography to combined packages, your solution awaits!


Leveraging almost a decade of regular collaboration with some of Europe’s top translation agencies and projects for direct clients such as leading universities, pioneering foundations and cutting-edge software companies, I provide professional, accurate translations in a wide range of fields, with particular emphasis on marketing, advertising and editorial content.

I firmly believe in the power and effectiveness of a translated text that incorporates everything from the author’s intentions to the requirements of the target audience. When attempting to reach international clients, be it via a website or locally in your place of business, we must focus not on words but rather on meaning, perception and culture.

Anyone can swap words between languages, but creatively arranging the right words in the right context, in a way that resonates with your target audience, is something that requires a communication professional with an experienced eye and attention to detail. You know your product, you know how to market it and you know how to reach your national customers. My job is to help you convey that message to an audience not only in a different language but also in a way that meets their expectations and takes into account differences in culture and mindset. The content you choose to display to your potential customers directly influences their perception of the quality you can provide, so let’s make sure they see that same quality in your translated material.
Making sure your business is represented the way it should be is what I do best!
— bgltranslations
Thanks to my experience, taking something that exists in one form and determining how best to portray it in another is a challenge I embrace wholeheartedly. I have had the opportunity to provide translations for clients ranging from large multinationals and household names to mid-caps and small local businesses. The knowledge and experience I have gained, and continue to gain, from projects involving market research and international advertising campaigns are what I feel I can bring to my commercial photography.

For commercial work, be it products and services, food, fashion or headshots, my role is to help my clients reach their goals and their customer bases in a way that represents them in the best possible light. With the right photographer, a picture really is worth a thousand words!

For portraits, my aim is to capture moments that represent and showcase you and who you are. Whether it’s a personal shoot, a promotional session, a couple’s shoot or an experience showcasing your talent or favourite activity, that personal touch is essential. I offer both traditional shoots and more creative projects, and I have portable lighting gear that I can bring with me on location. All final images will be delivered edited using industry-leading software. As for retouching, I aim for a natural look using subtle techniques. I am a firm believer in inclusive photography and an advocate for body positivity, so while I may remove the odd pimple or blemish accentuated by the camera, I avoid altering anything that forms a permanent part of you (unless specifically requested by you, the client).
No matter who is in front of my lens, all I want is for you to feel comfortable being who you are!
— bglvisuals


In brief

  • Extensive experience as a trusted translator with a reputation for quality

  • Qualified linguist with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages from the University of Exeter, UK

  • British English native speaker; fluent in French and Portuguese

  • Time spent living and working within diverse cultures

  • Creative photographer with a keen eye for aesthetics and detail

  • Dedicated to ensuring you get the quality you deserve

  • Based in Salir do Porto, Portugal

Combine all of the above, and you have a powerful marketing tool in your arsenal!
— bglcreative